“Telling a future generation the praises of the Lord.” – Psalm 78:4

Our mission to give kids a Christ-centered place to worship, learn, and grow in their knowledge of Jesus while having fun and building meaningful and lasting relationships in their church family!.”
                                                               Weekly Activities: Sunday

8:30am                            The Gospel Project :: 1st – 6th Graders

  • Come take a chronological walk through the Bible and see how every part of Scripture points to Christ and our need for Him as our Savior.

10:00am                          HisKids Worship ::

  • 1st and 2nd graders have the option to come to their own worship gathering where we sing, study Scripture,                                      and use fun games and activities to apply what they’ve learned to their lives.
5:45- 7:00pm                    AWANA & Bible Drill (Check-in on 100 Hallway)