Our Vision

Exalting God

Loving the Lord with all our faculties is our greatest joy and first duty.
Therefore,  as a church we seek to exalt the excellencies of God and His loveliness first and foremost as revealed in and through Jesus Christ.
MATTHEW 22:34-40

Equip the saints

We believe Jesus wills His united church to grow up in the fullness of Him as mature disciples.
Therefore, we want to use our unity and giftedness in Christ to make mature disciples of Jesus.
Ephesians 4:1-16

Evangelizing the Lost

There is not a square inch in all of creation where Jesus does not reign supreme. 
The Lord of heaven and Earth has tasked every one of His followers with the duty and privilege of making disciples. 

We evangelize the lost. 

Matthew 28:16-20 

Engaging in Fellowship

Christianity is personal but it is not individualistic. 
Each individual must be saved by Jesus but it is clear that God intends to build
us into a community identified with Jesus. 
Fellowship is to share a common identity, purpose, and mission in Christ alone. 
We seek to engage in fellowship regularly. 
Acts 2:42-47