Student Ministry


We’re about growing roots in Christ.

Imagine a large tree standing in front of us; we notice the thick trunk with large branches stemming out providing us shade from the intense heat. What we don’t notice is the roots residing beneath us providing stability to the tree ensuring its long term survival.

Our mission is to help students grow “spiritual roots” allowing God to become their stability and sustainer. We realize that to be great witnesses for Christ, we must have our foundation firmly established in who He is. As a Student Ministry we are devoted to this process of growing deep roots. We accomplish this by developing a love for God’s Word, being devoted to prayer, worshiping together, spending time with other believers, sharing our faith with those around us and serving our community and those in need.

Weekly Activities:
Wednesday Night Live (WNL)                 Wednesdays @ 6pm / Student Center     
Sunday School                                        Sundays @ 9:00am / Student Center
We are currently praying for the man God has forour Student Ministry.
Kevin Brown will be our Student Ministry Activities Coordinator.
He can be reached at