Preschool Ministry

Train up a child in the way he should go."

Proverbs 22:6


The mission of First Baptist Church Preschool Ministries is to work alongside parents to lay a spiritual foundation in a loving and accepting environment,
as we prayerfully consider the uniqueness of each child.
In Preschool Ministries we plan programs with the spiritual development, as well as the educational development of preschoolers in mind. In Sunday School we use material that is written for preschoolers by writers who have early education experience.  Kids will hear answers from the Bible for the real life questions they are sure to ask. They will learn about God’s love, His character, and they will learn how to tell others about Jesus and why they can trust God…the One who created the world. They will also learn what sin is.
Preschoolers as young as two are invited to join in Awana, where they will begin to learn Bible verses. They can also be involved in Choir, where they will learn that it is good to sing praises to God. 
As we teach preschoolers, we also involve parents in this learning by inviting them to help in our preschool classes on a regular basis.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in our preschool ministry by reading the take home sheets each week from the Sunday School lesson. By talking to their preschooler about the art project they bring home or by simply asking questions about what they had the most fun doing in Sunday School, parents gain great insight in how and what their preschooler is learning. By helping their preschooler learn his/her verses for Awana or by singing the songs they’re learning in Choir, parents can begin to understand where their preschooler is in their spiritual development.

Weekly Activities:

9:00-10:15a.m.             Sunday School
10:15-11:30 a.m.          Extended Teaching Care (babies through kindergarten)
Wednesday Night
6:00pm-7:00pm            AWANA